About BEAD Environmental Solutions

The team at BEAD Environmental Solutions has over 100 years of combined experience working at senior executive levels in the global environmental services business for companies such as Schlumberger (M-I SWACO), Halliburton (Baroid), Weatherford, NOV, QMax & BP.  

The team has a wide range of both geographical experience and technical expertise, covering all areas & technologies related to waste management and environmental services within the energy industry.  Based in the UK, the company has a market presence in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.  Click on the Services tab for more detailed information on the services we provide.

The Team

David Stephenson is a Director with Bead Environmental Solutions.  He is an Environmental Solutions, Solids Control, Total Fluids Management & Drilling Fluids Specialist with 33 years' experience of providing environmental solutions, encompassing all aspects including separation, waste handling, containment and disposal technologies.

With considerable international experience having worked/resided in Central Asia, East Africa, Middle East, UK, Russia, Central/South America, Norway, Canada and the Far East.

David specialises in the integrated approach to fluid selection, separation, waste handling, treatment and disposal techniques to promote lower overall well cost in association with improved environmental responsibility.

Previously the Global Product Line Manager for Weatherford he also spent 9 years with both M-I Swaco and Baroid (Halliburton) performing operations management, business development and sales professional roles. A financially astute manager with outstanding growth and profitability record. Cross trained in drilling fluids engineering and deep technical expertise in environmental technologies, leveraging this to achieve a 'Total Fluids Management' approach to enhancing operational performance, reducing carbon footprint and total cost of ownership.

He has conducted extensive training, both in the field and the classroom to promote the better understanding of equipment, its application, performance and optimisation including formal mud school training.

David holds a BSc. Honours in Geology from Portsmouth. He has also successfully completed the Phase II Drilling Fluids training (Baroid 1995).

Barry Simpson is a Director with Bead Environmental Solutions. He has 30 years' experience working in Environmental Services across the global energy industry with technical expertise in Drilling Waste Management, Solids Control, Production & Refinery Waste Management, Water Treatment, Waste Remediation & Liquid/Solids Separation Technologies.

Barry held the position of Global Operations Director for Schlumberger's (M-I SWACO) Environmental Services business segment in Houston before joining QMax as Eastern Hemisphere Manager covering Africa, Middle East & Asia.  He was also Latin America Regional Operations Director for Schlumberger's (M-I SWACO) Environmental Services based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and before that in Caracas, Venezuela.  In addition, he held the role of Operations Manager in Neuquen, Argentina for Alfa Laval Oilfield (a global leader in centrifuge separation and heat transfer technology) and became their Latin America Sales & Marketing Manager based in Buenos Aires.  He began his career in Environmental Services working offshore in the UK, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch sectors of the North Sea.

Barry has extensive international experience with environmental & waste management technology commercialization and deployment in both drilling & production waste management areas. He has proven expertise in International Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Operations Management & Strategic Planning.

Barry studied Business Strategy at Oxford University in the United Kingdom and holds an MSc in Strategic Planning & an MBA from Heriot Watt university in Scotland. He has trained in many aspects of drilling fluids, waste management & separation technologies including M-I SWACO' Integrated Fluids Engineering (IFE) program. He is fluent in Spanish & Portuguese languages.

Adrian Longley is a Director with Bead Environmental Solutions. He has 30 years' experience in the global energy industry focusing on Drilling Fluids, Solids Control and Waste Management, with additional knowledge of Mud Logging and Geology.

He has held key positions in Schlumberger (M-I SWACO) ranging from Technical Manager to Country Manager to Regional Manager as part of major service providers throughout the North Sea, Mainland Europe, North and East Africa and Middle East Asia basins.

He has been responsible for introducing a number of Best Available technologies (BAT) and Best Practical Environmental Options (BPEO) to a variety of markets such as Centralised Disposal; Cuttings/ Reinjection; Thermal Desorption; Cuttings Containment; Closed loop Drilling; Responsible Waste Treatment & Advanced Solids Control.

He has extensive operational and commercial exposure to National and International Oil Companies, Environmental Legislators, Drilling Contractors, service companies, and suppliers.

He has experience managing Sales (Salesforce, CRM), Tendering, Business Development, Operations, multi-cultural teams, assets, regional workshop , full P&L responsibility, QA/QC, HSE, Training & Mentoring of Staff.

He prides himself on being open-minded, self-motivated and driven as an individual and team player with a tolerant adaptable and resourceful mindset.

Adrian holds a BSc in Earth Sciences (Oxford Brookes 1990) ; MSc in Basin Dynamics (Royal Holloway, 1994) ; Drilling Fluids & Cementing School (1995) ; 

Edgardo Hernandez is a Director with Bead Environmental Solutions.  He has 24 years of experience working in the Fluids processing, Solids Control, and Waste Management aspects of the well construction process in multiple residential assignments around the world in a diversity of technical, operational, and managerial roles across both major integrated service and operator organizations.

Edgardo's career focus has been the performance-based integration of the Drilling Fluids, Solids Control and Waste Handling, Processing and Disposal processes, in order to deliver technically suitable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions to the well construction industry.

The totality of Edgardo's professional life has been dedicated to his core specialties: Starting with field positions as a graduate engineer working for Brandt-NOV in his native Colombia. Moving to Baroid-Halliburton holding technical roles in Venezuela, the UK, Norway, the USA, and Canada. Assuming Region, Country and Global operational roles in M-I SWACO-Schlumberger in Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the US. Transitioning to a major Operator as the BP Fluids Team Global Waste Specialist based in Sunbury (UK); and recently focusing his efforts on Baroid-Halliburton Latin America operations based in Mexico.

Edgardo holds a BSc in Petroleum Engineering from Universidad de America in Bogota-Colombia, has completed extensive technical training curriculums in his area of specialty; as well as being nominated and successfully completing Management and Executive Leadership programs as part of his career progression in the major organizations, he has worked for over a span of two decades.

Andy Foster is a consultant with BEAD Environmental Solutions. He has over 30 years' experience in environmental management and protection providing environmental solutions and consultancy to the global energy industry.

His expertise includes topics such as environmental risk identification and mitigation, permit applications, atmospheric emissions, marine mammal mitigation plans, environmental impact assessments, petroleum operations notices, environmental monitoring surveys, analysis of environmental samples, ecotoxicology, biodiversity action plans, data management, implementation of new legislation, audits, ISO1400, greenfield and brownfield projects, environmental engineering, radiation protection, oil spill contingency and response, training and mentoring, independent review of data and technical reports, as well as the provision of strategic and specialist advice. Additional areas of expertise include Environmental Impact Assessments, Ecological Surveys, Permits and Consents, ISO14001, Environmental Management, BPEO & NEBA Studies, Environmental Auditing, Decommissioning, Leadership skills, Mentoring, Coaching and Training.

He has gained extensive onshore and offshore experience working in UK, Caspian, and Black Sea regions and has worked for a variety of UK and international energy companies including Marathon Oil UK Ltd, Total, BP North Sea, BP Azerbaijan, and Agip KCO (Italy / Kazakhstan).

The author of a number of scientific papers in peer reviewed journals, Andy began his career with postgraduate and postdoctoral research at Aberdeen University (Zoology Department, the Rowett Research Institute) and the Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen. PhD, Chartered Biologist, MIBiol, Marine Biology and Biochemistry.

Frank Müller is a consultant with BEAD Environmental Solutions. He has over 30 years of experience in Industrial and Offshore decommissioning, Industrial and Oil field water treatment, Drilling Waste Management, Project Management and Oil field Operations Management.

For the past 23 years he has been an integral part of the M-I Swaco/ Schlumberger Environmental Solutions business line in various functions including Technical Support Engineering Manager and Trainer, Regional Operations Manager for Angola and South/East Africa and Global Business Line Manager for several waste management technology product lines of the M-I Swaco/ Schlumberger Environmental Solutions business.

Frank was also involved in the decommissioning of the Brent Spar project and developed a de- watering and solidification process for the low radioactive bottom sludge from the Brent Spar tank structure. He also participated in the feasibility study for the decommissioning of the Ekofisk Dora concrete tank structure.

Frank also developed and patented the world's first mobile offshore slop water treatment system called the EnviroUnit and holds several international patents in water and H2S treatment.

During his career Frank has been stationed in Germany, Norway, Dubai, Iran, Brazil, Houston and Angola as well as having traveled extensively accross the global Oil & Gas Industry.  As a result Frank is able to communicate fluent in German, English and Norwegian.

Dr John Hall is a consultant with Bead Environmental Solutions, advising on environmental management & assessments, regulatory affairs and cost effective waste management.

He has 25 years experience in Oil and Gas environmental issues and, in particular, facilitating communication of environmental issues between subject matter experts and field operations. This experience includes work with Halliburton in advising on environmental impacts of drilling fluids and drilling waste management to regulators, operators and service company staff in the Middle East, North Sea, USA, Canada, Latin America, West Africa and Asia Pacific.

More recently Dr Hall worked as an environment specialist in Saudi Aramco with work including determining Saudi Aramco Policy on drilling fluid chemical selection and disposal strategies, establishing LC50 toxicity tests, undertaking rig audits on and offshore and audits of onshore disposal facilities.

Dr Hall is expert in furthering awareness in environmental issues, chemical safety, and regulatory issues throughout organisations by developing standards and management systems, then training staff, followed up by audits to demonstrate effective deployment.

Dr Hall holds an BSc.in Marine Biology, a MSc.in Environmental and Ecological Sciences, and a PhD. in marine pollution science.   

Associate Consultant & Partner Services

Specialised Technical Support

BEAD Environmental Solutions provides additional technical expertise and services via our association with associate consultants & partner organisations covering the following areas:

1. Waste Injection Services & Sub-Surface Feasibility Studies

2. Hydrology Studies, Water Management & Treatment

3. Environmental Compliance Reporting

4.. Bio-Remediation Feasibility Studies

5.. Drilling & Completion Fluids

6.. Environmental Impact Assessments

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