BEAD Environmental Solutions Launch New Free Environmental Technical Support Helpline for the Oil & Gas Drilling Industry


A combination of a lack of experienced people, a shrinking talent pool and, social pressure are coming together to pose a major resource headache for an industry that needs to deliver projects to meet the demand for hydrocarbons while dealing with the environmental and waste management challenges of energy transition in a cost effective manner.

Indeed, it has been estimated in a 2020 Rystad Energy analysis that approximately 1 million experienced oilfield service company jobs could have been lost globally in 2020. This leaves the industry with a huge gap in terms of experienced people and competency.

BEAD Environmental Solutions, a UK based global environmental consultancy formed by 4 industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience in providing technical and business expertise to the global energy industry have launched a free environmental technical helpline to help companies address some of these challenges going forward.

Companies can contact the free BEAD global technical support team via email at asktheexperts@bead-environmental.com with any technical questions they may have regarding environmental planning & management issues, waste management & remediation challenges, solids control, energy transition and environmental technologies. The company resolves to reply with an answer within 24 hours.

Based out of the UK and with a market presence in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, the company provides a range of environmental and business-related services for operators, service companies, drilling contractors and independent technology providers.

A spokesperson for BEAD explained: "As the oil and gas industry recovers from the worst recessionary period in history it finds itself with a lack of experienced knowledgeable people while having to deal with the added challenges of waste emission reductions and energy transition in a cost effective way. We wanted to give something back to the industry that served us well over the length of our careers and we hope our free helpline can contribute to assisting oil and gas companies reduce the environmental impact of their operations."

BEAD offers an independent consulting model that leverages the breadth of the four Directors knowledge base allowing clients to access the impartial advice they need while having on-demand access to specialised resources to assist in the technical and commercial management of their environmental and waste management projects."

See the BEAD website for more details on the free help line and services provided: