Environmental Services For The Global Oil & Gas Industry

Sustainability & ESG Strategy Planning

Expert advice & support to help you develop and implement a customized environmental sustainability roadmap & ESG strategy 

 Sustainability & ESG Performance Benchmarking 

Support for tracking, optimizing & reporting your projects environmental sustainability & ESG performance

Carbon Footprint Assessment, Reduction & Performance Benchmarking

Expert advice & support to reduce carbon emissions

Technology Sourcing & Procurement - Specialised Support

Sourcing the best environmental technology & cost effective solutions for ensuring environmental compliance 

Rig Audits, Environmental Monitoring & Compliance Services

Support to ensure rig equipment & processes meet your projects drilling & environmental goals

Waste Management System Design, Evaluation & Optimization

Independent expert advice on the design & management of drilling fluids & drilling waste management processing equipment.  

Solids Control & Drilling Waste Management Training

Expert training in all areas of solids control & drilling waste management

Environmental Technology Assessments & Trials

Technical support on assessing and deploying new environmental technologies 

Project Management

Experienced Project Managers to ensure your waste management strategy and waste remediation projects are implemented according to plan

Services For Environmental Technology Companies

Market Research & Business Development Support

Market research & business development support for commercializing & deploying new environmental technologies globally

Business Strategy Planning

Expert strategic planning advice & support to help you grow your environmental technology business globally

Technical Support & New Technology Development

Expert technical support for developing new environmental technologies

Associate Consultant Services

Specialised Technical Support

BEAD Environmental Solutions provides additional technical expertise and services via our association with associate consultants & partner organisations covering the following areas:

1. Environmental Auditing & Project Management

2. Environmental Planning & Impact Assesments

3. BPEO & NEBA Studies

4.. Decommissioning Waste Management

5. Produced & Waste Water Management, Design & Treatment

6. Thermal Treatment Feasibilty Studies & System Design

7. Bio-Remediation Feasibility Studies

8. Drilling & Completion Fluid Technical Support & Training

9.. Environmental Management System Reviews & Audits

10. Drilling Fluid Toxicity Studies 

11. Marine Habitat Impact Assessments

12. Environmental Life Cycle Assessments 

13. Geo-Mechanical & Feasibility Studies for Waste Injection

14. Oil Spill Contingency Planning

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